I am attorney, and after 10+ years of practicing Hot Yoga, I am sweaty, sticky . . .    HOT!

And I know from speaking with other women who fit Hot Yoga, CrossFit, Dance, Spin, and running into their jam-packed schedules, that I am not the only one who knows how easily that "workout glow" turns one into a dripping mess after a hard, physical workout.

As an attorney, wearing yoga or active wear to the office or to meet with my business clients is not my professional style. For work, and even a date nite, . . . I just love wearing a dress. And my problem is that my dresses are made out of wool, cotton, rayon, jersey knit, or silk--all of which absorbed moisture without drying quickly, so I end up looking like I'm in a wet T-shirt contest with sweat stains!

And then I entered menopause and my sweating worsened with the onset of hot flashes! If you're 50+, you know what I'm talking about.

So I've designed a dress to help with perspiration.

Designed with wicking and moisture management technology intended to keep you feeling dry, stylish and still beautifully transformed as you transition from your workout back to your professional life or to help with unpredictable hot flashes. A dress designed to keep you and I performing beautifully!

xo, Kat Bond